Class Activities, Handouts and Worksheets
This page will be an ongoing list of all the activities we will complete this quarter.  Please keep all handouts and worksheets.  They will be needed for your Organizational grade at the end of the quarter.

3rd Quarter:

1.  Welcome to Career Exploration handout

2.  Paragraph Format Study Guide handout

3.  "The Roadmap of My Life" worksheet

4.  KnowHow2Go booklet

5.  16 Career Clusters worksheet

6.  "Discovering Your Interests" survey

7.  "Countdown-Career Interest" survey

8.  "Countdown Interest Survey" scores

4th Quarter:

Health Science Career Cluster
1.  Health Science career cluster pathway/specialty
2.  Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Finance Career Cluster
3.  Reality Check
•   Finance career cluster pathway/specialties
4.  How Much Do I Get to Spend?

Business, Management, and Administration Career Cluster
•  Floral Designer research notes
•  Floral Designer - flower petals (6 top activities) printed
•  4 (8) Flower research notes
•  Flower Inventory printed
•  Flower Shop home page (team leader share with teacher)

Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster
•  City of choice research notes
•  Chamber of Commerce travel brochure for city