Classroom Policies and Procedures

Ms. Schneider’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

7th Grade Science

Room #C125       Email:   Phone: 331-4701

Class Rules:

I have four basic rules for my classroom: 

1.  Listen and follow directions given by the teacher the first time a direction is given.

2.  Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.

3.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4.  Respect your classmates, classroom, and teacher.

I expect all of my students to follow these rules.  Any student that does not follow the rules will be given the following consequences:

1.  First offense:  warning

2.  Second offense:  student will be moved to a seat in the classroom

away from other students

3.  Third offense:  phone call home and student will be removed from the classroom

One final rule:

Cell phones, iPods, and all other electronic devices will not be seen, heard, or used in the classroom.  If seen, heard, or used in the classroom, it can and will be confiscated.  A parent or guardian can pick up any confiscated items after school per school policy.

Class Procedures:

1.  Class will begin at the bell.  All students will be in their seats when the bell rings

working on the daily bell ringer.  Students not in their seats will be counted tardy.

 Students will bring their book, green science binder, paper, and something to write with every day.

3.  Class will end when I dismiss you.  Students will remain in their seats and

working until dismissed by the teacher.

Homework, Labs, Quizzes, & Tests


Students will be given assignments to help reinforce the material we learn in class.  These assignments will consist of worksheets, vocabulary words and drawings, questions from the book, and projects.  I will try to give students time in class to work on their assignments.  Any assignments not finished in class will be homework and will be due during the next class unless otherwise stated.  All homework assignments will be worth 5 points.

Quizzes & Tests:

Quizzes will be given periodically throughout each chapter.  Quizzes will consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answer questions.  I will use quizzes to determine how well the class is progressing through the material and if there are areas that need more work before we move on.

Tests will be given at the end of the chapter or unit.  Tests may consist of more than one chapter depending on the difficulty of the topics we are studying.  Tests will be similar to quizzes in compositions but will be longer and may contain questions that require longer responses.

Grading & Late Work

Grading for all assignments, quizzes and tests will follow the district approved grading scale:

A    92% - 100%

B    84% -  91%      

C    76% -  83%

D    67% -  75%

F    Below  66% (failing)

Homework Detentions

Students with late homework assignments will receive 0 points on the assignment and must schedule a homework detention with me before or after school. The late assignment will be completed before the student leaves their detention.  Once the missing homework is complete, students will earn 3 points back on the assignment.  Scheduling the detention and remembering to show up is the student’s responsibility.  Any missed detentions will result in a loss of homework points and an office referral.  (Students who miss school due to illness or excused absences will follow the district guidelines for make-up work.)

Quiz and Test Redos

Students may retest on any quiz or test for a better grade.  Students will have one week from the time quizzes/tests are handed back to complete the retest.  After the one week time period, no retests may be completed.  Before a retest can be completed, students must have a signed “Request to Retest” form completed.  These forms can be found in the classroom.

I will average the grades of the original and the retest to determine what the student’s new grade is.  If a student does worse on the quiz/test after completing the retest, they will not be penalized and will keep the original grade.

Academic dishonesty

Students are expected to complete their own work and give credit where credit is due.  Any suspected plagiarism will be brought to the student’s attention and a zero will be given for that assignment.  No retests will be allowed on an plagiarized quizzes/tests.

Why all the rules?

The main idea of rules and procedures is to create an environment that is safe, fun and beneficial to learning.  So everyone has an opportunity to learn.  However, no matter how much we try, teachers can’t always create a good learning situation for you.  Sometimes you have to take it upon yourself!  Don’t catch yourself looking at the clock.  Come to class and get involved with your classmates and the material.  Find ways to help make the learning meaningful to you.  Share your ideas; they might be helpful to someone else.  Time will go by much more quickly and you will have FUN while you learn!

If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know!  I’m looking forward to working with you and your 7th grader this year.


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