Classroom Syllabus

Mrs. Mossman’s 7th Grade Language Arts Class

This year we will not only work on becoming better readers and writers, but we will be challenging ourselves to do the best we can.  We will focus on understanding  our Essential Outcomes, and make sure we understand this well. We will use technology to help us meet our goals, and do many different types of reading and writing as well.  

Essential Outcomes:

EO1 Read, write, and spell general academic and content-specific vocabulary.

EO2 Identify, explain, and write based on the characteristics of narrative and informational genres.

EO3 Demonstrate comprehension skills and identify organizational patterns

EO4 Demonstrate comprehension and writing skills.

EO5 Identify, define, and apply elements of narrative text.

EO6 Identify, define, and apply literary devices.

EO7 Communicate ideas through reading and speaking fluently.

EO8 Write effectively using the main steps in the writing process and the 6 Traits.

EO9 Identify, locate, and evaluate information.

EO10 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English

Recommended Materials:

  • 3 ring binder

  • loose leaf paper

  • section dividers

  • pen/pencil

  • a reading book

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe


As a students at Ralston Middle School it’s your job to follow the classroom expectations.  If you do not, these are consequences that will occur:

1st-2nd time: Warning and reminder of expectation, removal to hallway if needed.

3rd-5th time: Detention and phone call to parents

6th time: Office Referral and possible parent meeting

*There are times when your behavior could result in an immediate office referral, parent phone call, and/or parent meeting.

Grading Policy:

A: 92-100

B: 84-91

C: 76-83

D: 67-82

F: 66-Below

Late or Incomplete Work:

  • If you are not done with an assignment by the time it is due, it is considered late and incomplete; this will result in you earning a homework detention

  • The detention will need to be served that day after school, or the next day after school.

  • You will receive a homework slip that you will need to take home and have your parent/guardian sign.

  • You are to return that to school the following day, if you do not, you will need to call your parents to make them aware of the homework detention.

Makeup Work:

  • It is your responsibility to find out about any assignments you’ve missed while you are absent.

  • This should be done before class, during work time, or after class.

  • You have one day for each day you were gone to complete the assignment and turn it in.

Cheating and Plagiarism:

Copying someone else’s homework, quiz, test, or coping something directly from the computer and calling it your own is cheating.  This action will result in a 0 percent on the assignment, and you will not be able to earn the points back.

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