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*be in your seat and working on the bellwork when the bell rings to be considered "on time"
*do your own work, in your own words
*participate in class - the more you do, the more you learn
*be kind and considerate to all humans and animals in the classroom

Homework Policy:
Students are expected to do their homework the night it is assigned.  Homework is typically vocab bridges, book write-ins/reading, and studying for quiz/exam.  Because of the block schedule, homework is due the next time the student has class which is typically 2 days after the work is assigned.
Work not completed by the time it is due, still needs to be completed, but will lose points.
Work not completed when it is due requires the student to come in before or after school until the work is completed.  If the work is finished, the student simply shows the work to Ms. Hamata and then leaves.

The online textbook can be accessed by using the web address:

Each student uses their first and last name initials, and last 4 lunch code numbers.  For example,  Sally Student with lunch code SA344367 would use  "ss4367".  Everyone uses "rams" for their password.

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